the dream team


please read! how to receive points: please fill out the mission submission form here and email any required screenshots directly to (note: if u've already emailed us at, we will still receive ur emails.)

new! spotify follow mission
follow my artist page on spotify here and submit a screenshot of the following icon to receive 25 points. 

new! "something" screenshot mission
post ur fav screenshot from the "something" video on social media along with the YouTube link and submit screenshots of ur social posts. (50 points per post - limited to one post per social account)

"something" video link:

sleepover tour social mission
post about ur local sleepover tour date w/ ticket link on facebook, twitter & instagram. submit screenshots of ur posts in order to receive points. (50 points per post) (each post needs to have it’s own unique message - no spam!)

find ur local ticket link here:

sleepover tour flyer mission
download the hi-resolution sleepover tour poster HERE & hang up flyers in popular locations around ur town, & we’ll give u 100 points for every flyer u put up. submit screenshots of ur posts in order to receive points. (USA only - if u're in europe & want to print out the "u, me, & us europe tour" flyer urself & post that, u'll also qualify! unlimited submissions allowed on this one!!)

download hi-res flyer here:

radio mission
tweet at any radio station / radio dj, local or nationwide, requesting for them to play any of my songs / ask to get it in a tweet or delete (or whatever similar online contest that station does) & receive 100 points per request (& an extra 50, making it worth 150, if they respond!) to receive ur points, submit screenshots. (unlimited submissions allowed on this one too!!)

new! mission
cover ur favorite gnash song on and submit a direct link to ur video. (150 points per video - limited to 3 videos per person)

new! bring ur friends mission
if u get a friend to get their own 2 tickets to a show, & they tweet a screenshot of their confirmation & @ mention u in the tweet shouting u out for putting them on to me, u'll get 150 points! + for every extra ticket they get beyond two, you'll get another 50 points - & the best part is, if u include their email, they'll get the same amount of points to their name!!

new! create ur own merch mission
create ur own handmade gnash merch (items created on t-shirt websites, etc. will not be accepted) and submit pictures of the physical merchandise to receive 250 points. (limited to 2 per person)


please read! how to redeem points: 
1) please fill out the reward request form here at least 72 hours prior to ur show in order to for us to make arrangements for ur reward. we will not be able to accommodate last minute requests made after this deadline.
once u complete the form, we will be in touch via email 24 hours prior to ur show with instructions for ur reward.

reward options: 

500 points gets u a special personalized THANK U tweet from me!!

1,000 points gets u access to the venue 10 min before doors in ur city OR a 10% off merch code for any online purchase!!

5,000 points gets u access to the venue 10 min early for u & a friend in ur city OR a 20% off merch code for any online purchase!!

10,000 points gets u a free m&g w/ me (as well as early access to the venue) OR i will send u a custom voice note saying hi or whatever u want me to say (as long as it's appropriate lol)!!

15,000 points gets u a free t shirt / m&g & early access to the venue OR i will send u a signed poster & a custom voice note!!

25,000 points gets u (no guests allowed) a tour of our tour bus / pre show 1 on 1 m&g w/ me & my friends + t shirt & post show m&g pass OR i will send u a free signed poster & a custom personalized video!!

50,000 points gets u a post show pizza party w/ me & my friends on the bus (this will happen before the m&g & then once we’re done w/ pizza we will all head to the m&g together, & this will include 2 free m&g passes) OR we will set up a video chat for u w/ me where i will perform ur favorite song bc ur extremely awesome :):

100,000 points gets u a custom jersey designed by me!!